How to get the Vaulting Pole in Animal Crossing

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So you have picked out your island based on the aerial shot from the selection given when you started out.

Each deserted island has a number of rivers running through which are a source for fish and wildlife as well as adding interest to the landscape.

You make your selection, eagerly ship off to lands unknown and quickly realise that you are restricted. This is because some areas of your new island paradise are inaccessible in the early stages of the game. The rivers are impassable without a bridge and cliffs are unreachable without stairs or ramps to get up. 

This not only limits your ability to explore your island but hampers your capability to collect all the flora and fauna that inhabit your island.

Have no fear, good things come to those who wait and you will soon be hopping over those rivers like the intrepid explorer you are.

Our article today will give you a step by step guide on how to get a vaulting pole, what supplies are needed to craft it and finally how to use it!

What is a Vaulting Pole and why do you need one?

What is a Vaulting Pole

Much like getting the ladder, you will want to get your hands on a vaulting pole sharpish! This will open up accessibility to your whole island and allow you to catch different fish and creatures from different areas of your island. Certain fish only spawn in rivers and ponds, so having a means to collect all the different critters, opens up a whole new world at your fingertips. 

You are able to build bridges to make light work of running around, in time. But it will be while before you get a bridge construction kit, so the pole is your best bet for the time being. Even when your land is more established, you will still find yourself reaching for your vaulting pole!

Having the vaulting pole is also incredibly handy when you visit mystery islands. Again, this gives you opportunity to explore the full expanse of the island and get the full benefit from each Nook Miles ticket.

Vaulting pole in pocket

How to get the Vaulting Pole recipe

How to get the vaulting pole recipe

To get the vaulting pole, you will need to have completed a series of tasks before being given the recipe by Blathers, the museum curator.

Let’s rewind and get straight into the steps you will need to take, where I will also introduce a new island dweller that will become part of your tribe. 

1. Catch 5 unique bugs or fish and give them to Tom Nook

Catching fish

Before this ,you will need to have your Nook phone (which you should have been given by Tom after your first night on your island) and you will also need to have completed Tom’s DIY workshop, where you will learn how to make a flimsy fishing rod and flimsy net

Although the workshop is fun, all these things Tom Nook invites you to do have an ulterior motive. Not in a sinister sense, but in terms of laying out the groundwork for other tasks that will need to be completed to advance in the game.

So learning the DIY recipe for the flimsy fishing rod and net help you on your way to catching the fauna which Tom expresses interest in.

Once you have your Nook phone and fishing rod, you will have the correct set of tools to head out and catch those critters!

They can be all fish, all bugs or a combination of the two. The only stipulation is they must all be different. 

You will then need to speak to Tom Nook in the resident services tent where a new option will appear: ‘I found a creature’.

You can hand Tom your findings individually or wait until you have all 5 before heading over to the resident services tent. Given the limited pocket space that you have initially, you may wish to do this one at a time. 

Once you have delivered your 5 items, Tom will then ask if he can send them to his ‘old friend’.

This is where you first find out about Blathers, the feathered museum curator who is keen to open up a museum on your island

When you accept his offer, Tom will get a call from Blathers, who will need somewhere to stay for his visit.

2. Find a location for Blathers' tent

When you have received the tent kit for Blathers, you must find a suitable spot with which you will place it.

If you are unsure of the placement, you can always check how it will look with the ‘let me imagine it’ option, before confirming that you are happy with your choice.

This will eventually become the established museum in time.

Don’t panic – if you feel there would be a better spot for this structure in the future. You are able to move buildings later in the game.

3. Wait until the morning...

Another great thing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is, unlike in the real world, construction projects literally happen over night and your new building will be ready the next day.

For you hardcore fans out there who can’t get enough, your island resets at 5 am each day. So you can get your AC:NH fix to check out any pending island developments before dawn.

4. Head over to Blathers' tent and go inside


Meet Blathers - the new museum curator

As mentioned before, Blathers wants to open a museum on your island and needs your help to catch bugs, fish and fossils to fill it with. 

Hurry over to Blathers’ tent where he will lend a helping hand (or wing) and transfer you a vaulting pole DIY recipe as well as the flimsy shovel recipe – via your Nook phone.

This will help grant his museum permission to open and get his collection underway. 

You are now able to hop across your rivers to access uncharted territories and dig up fossils to help allow the new museum to open. It’s a win win! 

You should now have the complete set of tools to explore your island with, the flimsy net, fishing rod (both from Tom Nook), axe, vaulting pole and shovel. The world is your oyster as they say! 

In case you were wondering how to find fossils, they are marked as stars found on the ground and dotted around your island. If you grab your new flimsy shovel and press A, you will dig a hole in the ground and discover a fossil!

You will need to get it properly assessed by Blathers where you have the option to donate it to his esteemed collection, sell it at Nook’s Cranny, or use it to decorate your island.

Cue Jurassic Park vibes.

Any donations you wish to make all go to Blathers now – to help expand his museum exhibits.

What supplies are needed for the Vaulting Pole?

What supplies are needed?
Vaulting pole recipe

Now all you need to do is get crafting! 5 softwood pieces are all that are required to make the vaulting pole.

If you don’t have enough supplies you, just need to chop a tree or two with your flimsy axe to get some soft wood. (This is the lightest colour wood). 

How to cross rivers using the Vaulting Pole

To access the unexplored land across your rivers and streams, you simply stand next to the river where you wish to cross and press A. It’s as simple as that!

Standing by river
Crossing river
Vaulting river

Can the Vaulting Pole break?

Much like the ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the vaulting pole cant break, ensuring you are never stranded in an area without supplies or a diy workbench available!

So there you have it Animal Crossing Explorers! Hopefully this has helped you better understand how to get and craft a vaulting pole to further your island progress!

Keep exploring!