How to swim in Animal Crossing

Today our article will look at how to swim on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Since the free summer update on New Horizons, swimming is a great way to spend an afternoon splashing about, catching various sea creatures and enjoying the island breeze.

It is a fun interactive feature that you are able to do with other friends that visit your island or if you take an excursion and visit them.

This also means that you can go diving on other islands, as long as you have packed your wet suit!  

How to get a wet suit

How to get a wet suit

To swim on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will need a wet suit.

This can be purchased from Nook‘s Cranny, or if you are short on bells and have some Nook Miles – you can order one from Nook shopping.

If you choose the latter, it will be delivered to your mailbox the following day. 

You can also be given one by any friends you have on AC, where you will be able to use it right away. 

Cabinet in Nook's Cranny
Nook Stop terminal

What does a wet suit do in Animal Crossing?

What does a wet suit do?

A wet suit in the game enables you to explore the ocean surrounding your island and find new sea creatures and treasures underwater.

Without one, you will not be able to get into the water.

I would advise always having one in your pocket, this just means you never have to worry about remembering it when visiting others, or if you just fancy a dip when walking along the beach.

How to put on a wet suit

To put on a wet suit you simply press A to access your pocket contents, then click on your wet suit.

It will ask if you want to wear it, place it or drop it. 

Now you have your appropriate kit on, it is time to start exploring that big briny deep! 

How to put on a wet suit

How to swim in Animal Crossing

How to swim in Animal Crossing

To get in the sea, you first approach the water edge on your beach and as long as you are wearing your wet suit, pressing A will allow you to paddle right in!

Alternatively, you can dive off your pier or rocks by pressing A and jumping in.

Pier diving

To come out of the water, just swim back up to your beach and press A when you are at the shore line. This will set you back on dry land.

To swim quickly, continue pressing A while in the water.

Sadly, you cannot swim in your rivers or lakes. This would be a great update to the game – if it was added in the future Nintendo! 

Can you swim to other islands?

Can you swim to other islands?

Unfortunately, you are not able to swim to those far away islands you can see on the horizon.

There is a net in the water surrounding your island, stopping you from swimming further than your own island’s coast.

The only way to visit other islands is to use your Nook Miles or visit a friend on the game. 

Swimming in Animal Crossing

What are the bubbles in the sea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

What are the bubbles in the sea?

Once you are in, you may notice little bubbles rising to the surface.

These are to indicate a sea critter is lurking beneath you somewhere!

Now it’s time to get diving and explore those sea beds for treasures. 

How to dive underwater in Animal Crossing

How to dive underwater in Animal Crossing

When you are near those air bubbles we mentioned above, you just press Y to dive under the water.

A tip would be to tread water near the bubbles and get as close as you can to them, then dive under to catch the creature.

You will see a dark shadow outlining the animal, just follow it. You don’t need to press anything once you are submerged, if you get close enough – you will automatically pick it up. 

Diving to catch sea creatures

How to catch fast moving shadows

How to catch fast moving shadows

You may find that when underwater on the hunt for a sea creature, the little fellows are just too darn fast to keep up!

Before you know it, you have run out of air and need to come up to the surface for a breather. 

A tip to catch the speedy ones, is to tread water near any bubbles you approach, then quickly press Y to dive under before it catches on that you are after it.

If you swim up to the bubbles (by pressing A), you disturb it and it will start to move away from you.

Not all creatures move quickly, the fast ones usually indicate it is a rarer find – so you have to work hard to get these ones! It is worth persevering as you may find a new sea being or even a pearl! 

Can you catch fish when swimming in the ocean?

Can you catch fish when swimming in the ocean?

You are not able to catch the fish that you see from the surface.

You can still see them in the water with you near the shore line, however, if you swim up to them they are startled and disappear.

Catching fish is reserved for your trusty fishing line, while your feet are planted on solid ground. 

What can you do with the sea creatures you catch?

What can you do with sea creatures you catch?

Much like most items that you can collect on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you have the option of donating them to Blathers in the museum, selling them to Nook’s Cranny for a profit or keeping them to display around your island.

If you happen to strike lucky and find a deep sea creature that you haven’t previously caught, you will be notified on your Nook phone, where it will flash in the creatures app informing you about your new find.

A great way of checking if you have previously donated an item, is to check on your app where it will display a small owl next to the items that you have donated to the museum. 

Pascal the Otter

Pascal the otter

When diving near your sandy shores, you may come across another little critter.

Pascal the otter.

Caught scallop
Talking to Pascal

He is usually trying to get his paws on any scallops that you may have caught during your ocean jaunt.

Don’t worry, he’s no pirate!

This chilled out otter is only too happy to offer a mermaid related gift in exchange for your diving efforts! 

So what are you waiting for? Get diving and exploring those sea beds now you know how to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

See what your next island adventure brings!

Keep exploring!