What is a Bell Voucher in Animal Crossing?

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We are looking into Bell vouchers in our post today and will be covering, what a bell voucher is, how to get one and most importantly – how to use them.  

Now all civilisations need a way to exchange goods for money. As you build your island up from a deserted space to a thriving metropolis, you will need a means to buy and sell items. 

There are a number of ways to make money within the game, including growing money trees and hitting a money rocks with a shovel – and they say money doesn’t grow on trees!

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What is a Bell Voucher in Animal Crossing?

What is a bell voucher?

Bells are the island currency used in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

A bell voucher is a voucher worth 3000 bells that you are able to trade 500 Nook miles for.

Sort of like a golden ticket.

Bell voucher conversion chart

Bell voucher conversion chart

You can use bells to make purchases from Nooks Cranny and the Able sisters tailor’s on your island, as well as on friends islands.

This is ideal at any point in the game, especially early on – as you are most likely trying to pay off your first home loan so you will want to keep your bank balance topped up to pay your debts.

As you progress in the game you will want to establish your island by adding more infrastructure, which all come at a cost. Tom Nook will want his bells!

Nook miles are possibly easier to get your hands in the earlier stages.

This is because the Nook Miles app highlights 5 daily tasks that you can fulfil to quickly build up your Nook miles. 

Daily Nook Miles tasks
Daily Nook Miles award

They are refreshed everyday and are collectively worth over 500 Nook miles. If you hit your target every day, you will be well on your way to cashing in these miles for bells!

These daily tasks are all easy to complete and change according to the seasons.

You will always be able to fulfil these challenges, as they don’t require anything other than what you are able to do. For example; talking to 3 villagers, catching fish or selling fruit etc. 

There are also other challenges to complete that will award you with Nook Miles – a sort of air miles rewards programme. These are found in your Nook Miles app and you are notified whenever you have been awarded new miles.

They are usually achieved by undertaking various island tasks and shaping your island into more chartered territory and are worth more miles per challenge than the daily tasks.

Essentially, you are rewarded for getting involved in island life and carrying out duties, making your island an environment that people want to be! 

How to get Bell Vouchers in Animal Crossing

How to get bell vouchers in Animal Crossing
Residential services building

You will need to have upgraded the residential services building from the tent.

Once you have done this, you are able to access the Nook stop terminal in the residential services building, this looks like an ATM machine and also serves as one, where you are able to deposit and withdraw your hard earned bells.

Nook Stop

First, navigate to ‘redeem Nook Miles’ and select bell voucher from the top.

500 Nook miles will be deducted from your total and you will be instructed to take the printed ticket from the machine when you have finished making your selection.

This will then go into your pocket where you will need to cash it in at Nook’s Cranny.

Nook's Cranny

How to redeem your Bell voucher in Animal Crossing

How to redeem your bell voucher

Now comes the fun part! Choosing how to spend your bells after the voucher redemption.

You will need to cash them in first by speaking to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny.

Here, they will ask you if you will want to sell anything.

Redeeming your bell voucher

Select your bell voucher from your pocket. They will inform you that they can buy it from you for a total of 3000 bells. By selecting yes, your bell total will be updated by 3000 bells. 

Unfortunately, you are not able to convert Bells back into Nook miles.

Although by completing the daily Nook miles tasks you will be awarded at least 500 miles for your daily efforts – so this is an easy way to quickly earn 3000 bells for when you get into the big bucks needed to pay off your home loan extension, or get that grand piano that you have had your eye on!

Don’t forget, Nook miles are valuable in their own right.

They are your only means of transport to visit a mystery island and for certain goods that can only be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal to help build your island into a more lived in landscape.

So don’t get too ‘bell happy’ and cash in all your Nook miles just yet! 

Good luck cashing in your Nook miles for bell vouchers folks. Have fun on your island adventures!

Keep exploring!